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Adjunct and Research Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Brian Anderson, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Andrei I. Apostoaei, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Steven Arndt, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Mark Artz, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Douglas Bowen, Lecturer
Dr. Joseph Bowling, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. David H. Cook, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Keith Eckerman, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Philip Edmondson, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. John Farquharson, Lecturer
Mr. Dyrk Greenhalgh, Lecturer
Dr. Mark Harrison, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Hash Hashemian, Adjunct Professor
Mr. Christopher Haught, Lecturer
Dr. Paul A. Hausladen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Samantha Hedrick, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. David Hoelzer, Research Associate Professor
Dr. F. Owen Hoffman, Adjunct Professor
Dr. David E. Holcomb, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mr. Calvin Hopper, Lecturer
Dr. Alan Icenhour, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Erik B. Iverson, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Rajesh Maingi, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Jose March-Leuba, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Gloria Mei, Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Charles Melcher, Adjunct Research Professor
Dr. Trent Nichols, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Chet Ramsey, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Brandon P. Rasmussen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mr. Christopher Robinson, Lecturer
Mr. Ross Robinson, Lecturer
Dr. Matthew Reinke, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mr. Richard G. Taylor, Lecturer
Dr. Kurt Terrani, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Joseph Thie, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Aleksay H. Urmanov, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dr. Colin West, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Robert M. Westfall, Teaching Associate
Dr. Mark Williams, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Graydon L. Yoder, Jr., Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Research Faculty

Ray S. Booth, Research Professor, Ph.D., Florida
Research interests: liquid metal reactors, research reactors, environmental impacts, neutron wave probagation

Mario Fontana, Research Professor, Ph.D., Purdue, P.E.
Research interests: Power reactor safety (including response to potential terrorist attack, and advanced reactor systems

Barry D. Ganapol, Research Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Deterministic and analytical transport theory.

Andrei Gribok, Research Associate Professor, Ph.D., Moscow Institute of Biological Physics
Research interests: Artificial intelligence techniques, surveillance and diagnosis, inverse and ill-posed problems, regularization theory

Martin L. Grossbeck, Research Professor, Ph.D., Illinois
Research interests: radiation effects in materials, burnable absorbers, research reactors, and ultra-high vacuum technology

Richard A. Lillie, Research Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research interests: radiation transport methods development and nuclear system shielding

John T. Mihalczo, Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research interests: radiation measurements for nuclear safeguards and nuclear criticality safety, reactor physics

Jack Miller, Research Professor, Ph.D., University of California
Research interests: space radiation protection and radiological engineering

Hanna Moussa, Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research Interests: radiation safety, Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport

F.R. Mynatt, Research Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research interests: radiation transport, isotope production and nuclear regulations

Andrew Stephan, Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research interests: radiation detection and homeland security

Timothy Valentine, Research Associate Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee
Research interests: nuclear system safety and energy policy

Jean Claude Van-Duysen, Research Associate Professor, Ph.D. Université Lille 1 and PhD Paris-Sud University
Research interests: radiation effects on materials, stress corrosion cracking, residual stress engineering, and digital image correlation

Martin Williamson, Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Tennessee, P.E.
Research interests: nuclear nonproliferation and arms control, fissile material detection and characterization, nuclear criticality safety