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Casali Presents at 5th Asian Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics

Livia Casali.

Livia Casali

Assistant Professor and Zinkle Fellow Livia Casali was invited to present at the 5th Asian Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics, which was held from Sept. 26-Oct 1. This physics-oriented conference provides interdisciplinary and in-depth discussions among various fields of plasma physics and application. The conference, which normally would have been in Centennial Hall Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, was moved online due to COVID-19.

In the presentation titled “Integration of divertor detachment with optimized pedestal performance in the first impurity seeding studies in the SAS slot at DIII-D,” Casali showed results of the impurity seeding studies she conducted in the slot divertor installed at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. Casali and her team developed a way to address the core-edge integration challenge by combining for the first time the slot geometry with impurity seeding.

This led to the first simultaneous observation of plasma cooling on the entire suite of diagnostics without degrading core performance. Casali found a strong relationship between both detachment onset and pedestal performance with target shaping and impurity species, an important finding for extrapolation to future fusion reactors.

Casali also served as the vice-chair of a session on magnetic fusion plasma edge and divertor.

“It was a tremendous honor to present at one of the world’s premier fusion conferences,” said Casali. “These results are significant for improving understanding of the underlying physics that governs the interaction of the core and edge of the plasma.”