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Spring 2020 Commencement Header


Although the coronavirus has delayed our in-person commencement ceremony, we are too proud of our graduates to let May go by without celebrating their amazing achievements.

We hope you’ll help us share this special time by leaving a shout-out below and joining in the festivities on social media with #UTGrad2020.

The Department of Nuclear Engineering hosted a virtual ceremony for our undergraduates on May 8. Watch the ceremony.

For more 2020 commencement content, visit the Tickle College of Engineering’s commencement page and UT’s commencement page.

NE Graduate Shout Outs

We’re collecting messages below for nuclear engineering graduates. Whether you’re a parent, friend, or a fellow grad, submit a public shout out to a single nuclear engineering graduate or the entire class of 2020. Check out our graduate messages:

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Luke Seifert

Super proud of you and so excited for your next step. We have no doubt that you will be successful in all you do as you continue your life journey! Just keep the the same great attitude you have shown all your life and things will always work out in your favor. Much love 💕 Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave

Luke Seifert

So very proud of you

Luke Seifert

Congratulations Luke, you’ve made your family and friends very proud of your accomplishments. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors and will be getting updates on your nuclear career from your dad. -B

Assam Iyaheh

Congratulations! We have watched your hard work and tenacity over the past few years. You have definitely earned your degree. Wishing you happiness and success in all you do!

Alec Cacheris

Seems like just yesterday you were an adorable three year old and now you are a college graduate! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I am so incredibly proud of you. Congratulations, can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you! Love you.

To all the NE Graduates

Congratulations to all of the NE grads! We're all so proud of you and what you have achieved. You will go on to do great things! Keep in touch with the college so we can share your stories with other Engineering Vols 🙂

All NE Graduates

Dear NE Graduates:

I just watched our virtual graduation ceremony and I'm glad I had a chance to reflect on this important event in your (our) lives. I am very proud of all of you and looking forward to a brighter future with your contributions and, of course, powered by clean nuclear energy! Do stop by and say hello when you're back on campus, and don't forget to remind your relatives and friends the importance of flux and k-effective during social gatherings 🙂

All the best wishes,
Dr. Maldonado

Alec Cacheris

Congratulations Alec on your graduation! You made it look easy! Brittany and I are proud of you! On to the next level to dominate!

Alec Cacheris

Congrats Alec! You made it, you're now a college graduate. With everything you've learned you've built the fundamentals to be an effective problem solver and critical thinker. Engineering is an amazing field and your job will be to solve problems for the world. Good pay and job security as well.

It's amazing you've finished your undergrad in 4 years (yes, 5 years is more typical). You now have some important decisions to think about. Do you continue only with your masters or get the PhD? What will get you what you want in the end? The farther you go in your secondary education will turn you toward R&D and advisory roles in your field, though nothing is ever out of the question. My advice is to think deeply about this and make a commitment. The only wrong choice is one you don't feel comfortable with internally.

Congrats again on this achievement, and it will be the first of many to come in your collegiate and professional careers. Work hard and think objectively and you'll achieve anything you put your head to. I'm proud of you brother and keep up the hard work!

Erica Northern

Congratulations Erica! We are so proud of you and love you so much!

Erica Irwin

Happy graduation!!! So proud of you today and everyday. Thanks for being such a good friend. I love you lots bud <3

Alec Cacheris

Your dad and I are so very proud of your hard work and accomplishments over the past 4 years. You are funny, smart, creative, and dedicated. As you continue on being a VOL and entering graduate school in the Department of Nuclear Engineering, we are confident that you will be successful and contribute significantly in the field of fusion energy.

Mom and Dad

NE Class of 2020

Congrats! SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!!

luke seifert

Congratulations Luke! I'm so proud of you. Love.Dad

Brandon Connor

Congratulations!!!!!!. Great finish to your years at UT Brandon Connor

Luke Seifert

Know you will be a big success, Luke! Grandpa and I are so very proud of you. I wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Lots of Love, Grandma & Grandpa

Luke Seifert

Congratulations Luke!! We are so proud of you and your achievements. We wish you much success in your next adventure. Love, Aunt Debbie, Kimberly and Kelly

Irfan Ibrahim

We are so proud and happy on your graduation day. You have done very well and Allah willing your future is bright and yours to choose. Go get the PhD that’s waiting for you. We are with you always. Mom , Dad, Sami and Iman.

Luke Seifert

Luke, I could not possibly be more proud of you. Your accomplishments as a student are incredible and inspiring. Your growth as a personable and respectable young man are admirable, I honestly believe from the bottom of my heart that you can accomplish any goals that you set your mind to. You possess the skills and laser focus to succeed at achieving those aforementioned goals. I love you Son.

Brandon Connor

way to go Brandon