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Congrats to the ANS Radiation Shielding Completion Winners!

Congrats to the ANS Radiation Shielding completion winners from Engineers Day 2017.

This year’s ANS group held a Radiation Shielding completion during Engineers Day 2017.  The objective of this competition was to introduce high school students to one field of nuclear engineering: radiation shielding.  This has a very large impact on nuclear security and fits into the category of “Prevent Nuclear Terror”, one of the 14 Grand Challenges. When radioactive materials are transported across our borders or into our country, they release radiation and that allows us to find them. But what happens when they are shielded from our detectors? To understand how to detect shielded materials, we must first understand how they might be shielded.

Engineers Day 2017

Engineers Day 2017

Engineers Day 2017

Below are the Top 10 winners of this year’s shielding completion! Congratulations to all those who participated.

School Final Score Finish
Kingston High School 8.91692 1st
Kingston High School 9.33908 2nd
Kingston High School 9.720401 3rd
Stone Memorial High School 12.3947 4th
Pigeon Forge High School 22.58065 5th
Webb School of Knoxville 53.45131 6th
Pigeon Forge High School 55.25415 7th
Jefferson County High School 74.99785 8th
Webb School of Knoxville 160.5185 9th
Webb School of Knoxville 163.3233 10th

For more info on the completion go here: