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On-Campus Study Spaces

The department has redesigned the student lounge (Ferris 212) and study room (NEB 109) to serve as study spaces meeting CDC physical distancing requirements. These rooms each have 14 seats and are intended to be used by students who need a space to participate in online learning. As a second priority, these rooms may also be used for individual study by NE students.

Reserve a Space

Desks may be reserved on a weekly basis or recurring over the course of the semester. The time blocks for each desk are designed around the class schedule for that day. All bookings start 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time and ends 15 minutes after the class is scheduled to end. This should give sufficient time to clean the desk (at arrival and upon leaving) and get to your next activity. Before reserving a desk, please review the usage policy below.

To book a desk, follow the link for NEB 109 and Ferris 212 and see what desk ID numbers are available for the time needed. The physical location of the desks is identified in the two room layouts provided below and will also be marked on the desk and/or on the wall. For recurring scheduling, you may either book the desk manually over the semester or email Assistant Department Head Jamie Coble and Advisor Amanda Lovelace for assistance.

Usage Policy

  • These spaces and desks are for UTNE students only.
  • All students must wear a face mask at all times while in these spaces.
  • Use of these spaces requires scheduling to support contact tracing.
  • Desks may not be shared, and close-contact collaborative work is not allowed.
  • Desks may not be moved or reorganized. The rooms have been designed to allow maximum occupancy while maintaining physical distancing requirements.
  • All desks must be cleaned at the start and end of use of the space. Cleaning supplies are available by the doors.
  • No personal items may be stored in these rooms.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed. These activities should occur in a physically distanced outdoor location.
  • Any concerns about student activities or policies should be directed to Department Head Wes Hines and Associate Professor Eric Lukosi.