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Gyanender Singh

Gyanender Singh

Research Scientist


Research Interests:

Dr. Singh has expertise in determining the thermo-mechanical behavior of materials under complex physical conditions with the aim of predicting the performance of structures and components under operation and design optimization.  Besides, he holds significant experience in mechanical testing of ceramic composites, monoliths, graphite and HDPE, and also uses non-destructive techniques for evaluating the mechanical properties of these materials. His doctoral studies were focused on the development of an explicit-crack-modeling based approach for performing the structural integrity assessment of brittle and quasi-brittle materials. Prior to doctoral work he performed research for characterizing the mechanical degradation of polymer materials under exposure to oxidizing environment.


Research Experience:

March 2018 – present, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Knoxville, TN
Research Scientist

March 2015 – March 2018, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
Postdoctoral Research Associate

January 2011 – August 2014, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Graduate Research Assistant


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, MN, USA (2015)
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, MN, USA (2012)
B.Tech., Production & Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India (2009)

Professional Service

Teaching Experience:

Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, MN
Course: Design and Manufacturing-II (ME 3332, Fall 2010)
Course: Computer – Aided Engineering (ME 5241, Spring 2011)
Course: Design and Manufacturing-I (ME 3221, Spring & Fall 2014)


G. Singh, J. Gorton, D. Schappel, N.R. Brown, Y. Katoh, B. Wirth and K. Terrani, Deformation Analysis of SiC-SiC Channel Box for BWR Applications, Journal of Nuclear Materials (under review).

G. Singh, T. Koyanagi, C. Petrie, K. Terrani and Y. Katoh, Evaluating the Irradiation Effects on the Elastic Properties of Miniature Monolithic SiC Tubular Specimens, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 499, 107-110, 2018.

G. Singh, S. Gonczy, C. Deck, E. Lara-Curzio and Y. Katoh, Interlaboratory Round Robin Study on Axial Tensile Properties of SiC-SiC CMC Tubular Test Specimens, International Journal of Applied Ceramics Technology. 2018;00:1-16

G. Singh, R. Sweet, N. Brown, B. Wirth, Y. Katoh and K. Terrani, Parametric Evaluation of SiC/SiC Composite Cladding with UO2 Fuel for LWR Applications: Fuel Rod Interactions and Impact of Nonuniform Power Profile in Fuel Rod, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 499, 155-167, 2018.

G. Singh, K. Terrani and Y. Katoh, Thermo-Mechanical Assessment of SiC/SiC Composite Cladding for LWR Applications with Sensitivity Analysis, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 499, 126-143, 2018.

G. Singh, A. Fok and S. Mantell, Failure Predictions for Graphite Reflector Bricks in the Very High Temperature Reactor with the Prismatic Core Design, Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Design, 317, 190-198, 2017.

G. Singh, H. Li, A. Fok and S. Mantell, Size Effect on the Fracture Properties of Nuclear Graphite, Graphite Testing for Nuclear Applications: The Significance of Test Specimen Volume and Geometry and the Statistical Significance of Test Specimen Population, ASTM International, 2014, DOI: 10.1520/STP157820130125.

H. Li, J. Li, G. Singh and A. Fok, Fracture Behavior of Nuclear Graphite NBG-18, Carbon, 46-56, 2013.

H. Ge, G. Singh and S. C. Mantell, Fracture Behavior of Degraded Polyethylene Thin Films for Solar Thermal Applications, Energy Procedia, 30, 783-792, 2012.

Gyanender Singh

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