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Adjunct and Joint Faculty

Joint Faculty

  • Yutai Katoh, Assistant Professor, PhD University of Tokyo, Japan
    Research interests: development and characterization of ceramics, graphite, composites, and other advanced materials for severe environment applications; effects of particle irradiation in metals, alloys and ceramics.
  • Vlad Sobes, Assistant Professor, PhD MIT
    Research interests: nuclear data, methods and codes development for data applications, nuclear criticality safety analysis, artificial intelligence for advanced design.
  • Ashley C. Stowe, Assistant Professor, PhD Florida State University
    Research interests: radiation detection and instrument development.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Brian Anderson, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Peter Angelo, Lecturer
  • Andrei I. Apostoaei, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Steven Arndt, Adjunct Professor
  • Birsen Ayaz-Maierhafer, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Douglas Bowen, Lecturer
  • Joseph Bowling, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • David H. Cook, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Jun Ding, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Philip Edmondson, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Dyrk Greenhalgh, Lecturer
  • Thomas Harrison, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Hash Hashemian, Adjunct Professor
  • Christopher Haught, Lecturer
  • Samantha Hedrick, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • David Hoelzer, Research Associate Professor
  • David E. Holcomb, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Michael Howard, Adjunct Professor
  • Erik B. Iverson, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Jose March-Leuba, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Gloria Mei, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Trent Nichols, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Stephen Raiman, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Chet Ramsey, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Brandon P. Rasmussen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Jason Readle, Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Christopher Robinson, Lecturer
  • Matthew Reinke, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Richard G. Taylor, Lecturer
  • Kurt Terrani, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Joseph Thie, Adjunct Professor
  • Aleksey H. Urmanov, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Colin West, Adjunct Professor