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Earn a minor with your BS in Nuclear Engineering and increase your knowledge, expertise, and employability. The below minors are available to UT students and are highly desired by nuclear engineering utilities and industry.

Student should remember that majors and minors must be on the same catalog year. All courses in engineering minors have pre-requisite and co-requisite engineering and math course requirements. Meet with Advisor Calleb Capshaw before adding a minor.

Add an engineering minor

Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Management

The minor consists of 15 hours.

  • NE 404 Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • NE 433 or NE 233 Principles of Health Physics
  • CE 340 Construction Engineering and Management I
  • NE 406 Radiation Shielding
  • NE 542 Management of Radioactive Materials

Italics are required BS courses, * Signifies radiological track.

Read more about this minor, which was highlighted in a Radwaste Solutions article. Or, listen to Department Head Wes Hines talk about the minor in a podcast titled Gone Fission Nuclear Report.

Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Minor

The minor consists of 15 hours.

    • NE 401 – Radiological Engineering Laboratory
    • NE 483 – Introduction to Reliability Engineering
    • NE 484 – Introduction to Maintainability Engineering
    • STAT 251 – Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers*
    • NE 351 – Nuclear System Dynamics, Instrumentation, and Controls

Italics are required BS courses, * Signifies radiological track.

Nuclear Safety Minor

The minor consists of 17 hours.

  • NE 360 – Reactor Systems and Safety
  • NE 402/427 – Nuclear Engineering Laboratory/Honors
  • NE 485 – Process System Reliability and Safety or NE 5851 – Process Systems Reliability and Safety
  • NE 486 – Nuclear Licensing or NE 5861 – Nuclear Licensing

Italics are required BS courses.

Choose one elective

  • NE 421 – Introduction to Nuclear Criticality Safety
  • NE 483 – Introduction to Reliability Engineering

1Students who choose to take any of the 500-level courses should consult with their advisor to determine whether these courses will be applied as undergraduate or graduate credits.

Read more about the benefits of adding a nuclear safety minor.