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Numerous awards are distributed across the university late in the spring semester. We’re proud to announce NE faculty and students […]

Professor Ivan Maldonado helped EECS Assistant Professor Hector Pulgar connect Lenoir City High School students to engineering and UT.

Glenn Parris was named the April winner of the department’s Student Service Award for going above and beyond his duties.

The department recently held its awards ceremony for 2021–22, recognizing the efforts of students, faculty, and staff.

Eight undergraduate and four graduate students received scholarships and fellowships from the Nuclear Engineering University Program, the most of any institution.

The American Nuclear Society profiled UT’s Department of Nuclear Engineering in its online magazine, Nuclear Newswire, calling it “an anchor nationally in training the best and brightest nuclear engineers.”

In a major breakthrough, Assistant Professor Vladimir Sobes demonstrated a new formula to better predict the probability of fission.

Doctoral graduate Su-Ann Chong demonstrated a breakthrough in scientific achievement expected to speed up high-impact neutron science research.

David Donovan and Livia Casali give an overview of the impact of a fusion experiment at the Joint European Torus (JET) experiment in England.

Zinkle Fellow Livia Casali was one of two nuclear scientists who spoke to The Conversation Weekly in a recent podcast episode about a fusion breakthrough.