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Faculty Research

Faculty within the department participate in research from several different areas. Below is a listing of department faculty and their research focus:

Nuclear Instrumentation & Control, Reliability, and Safety

Jamie Coble

Coble’s research is primarily in applications of machine learning for equipment condition assessment, process and system monitoring, anomaly detection and diagnosis, failure prognosis, and integrated decision making. Her research interests expand on past work in nuclear system monitoring and prognostics to incorporate system monitoring and remaining useful life estimates into risk assessment, operations and maintenance planning, and optimal control algorithms.

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Wes Hines

Wes Hines conducts research in artificial intelligence and advanced statistical techniques applied to process diagnostics, condition-based maintenance, and prognostics; and has made notable accomplishments in the invention and development of reliability enhancing condition monitoring technologies.

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Arthur Ruggles

Arthur Ruggles’ expertise is in fluid flow and heat transfer. His group has developed specialized nuclear instrumentation for opaque fluids and complex flow geometries, with current use in flow in porous media, and recent extension to single cell tracking in pre-clinical PET scanners. Past research applications include accelerator target design, fusion plasma diverter design, and data creation suited to reactor performance model validation supporting extended power uprates.

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Belle Upadhyaya

Professor Emeritus Upadhyaya is focused on instrumentation and controls, reactor dynamics, advanced digital signal processing, power and process plant monitoring and diagnosis, autonomous and fault-tolerant control, small modular reactors, integral light water reactors, sodium fast reactors, molten salt reactors, nuclear desalination, sensor placement strategies, accelerated aging of detectors and equipment, nondestructive examination, and reliability and maintainability engineering.

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Richard Wood

Wood is leading research into instrumentation and control (I&C) for space nuclear reactors, autonomous operation of advanced reactors and common-cause failure of equipment with embedded digital devices.

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Radiological Science and Health Physics

Jason Hayward

Hayward’s research focuses on radiation instrumentation, especially for nonproliferation technologies and imaging.

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Lawrence Heilbronn

Heilbronn’s research focus includes high-energy secondary neutron measurements from heavy-ion reactions; Measurements of radiation transport through novel shielding materials; Measurements of fission neutron-induced cross sections; Benchmark calculations of heavy-ion transport models; Measurements of light-ion production that are relevant to radioprotection; Studies of the effects of Galactic Cosmic Rays; and Production of radioisotopes for use in medical, power and nuclear security applications.

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Erik Lukosi

Lukosi’s research interests include radiation instrumentation and detector development, active and passive interrogation techniques, topics of counterterrorism and nonproliferation, nuclear batteries, and measurement of fundamental nuclear physical quantities.

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Laurence Miller

Miller’s research includes particle and radiation transport, diagnostics and surveillance, waste management, health physics, modeling and simulation, instrumentation and control. His current contract on evaluation of uncertainties of advanced nuclear fuel cycles will facilitate decision making on the selection of reactors and fuel cycles that will provide reliable electrical energy for thousands of years.

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Lawrence Townsend

Townsend’s research is focused on radiation physics, transport, shielding and risk assessment; nuclear and radiological engineering; theoretical nuclear physics.

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