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Research Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Research Faculty

Post-Docs and Research Scientists

Shradha Agarawal.
Shradha Agarwal
Research Scientist I
Amine Benkechkache.
Mohamed El Amine Benkechkache
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Sophie Blondel.
Sophie Blondel
Research Scientist I
Siwei Chen
Siwei Chen
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dwaipayan Dasgupta.
Dwaipayan Dasgupta
Research Scientist
Kaifu Gan.
Kaifu Gan
Research Scientist I
Alex Grosjean.
Alex Grosjean
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Ane Lasa Esquisabel.
Ane Lasa Esquisabel
Research Scientist I

No photo available.
Charles Lieou
Research Scientist I
Eric O'Quinn.
Eric O’Quinn
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Jun Ren.
Jun Ren
Research Scientist I
Seokbin Seo.
Seokbin Seo
Reactor Safety Research Scientist

Li Yang.
Li Yang
Research Associate III
No photo available.
Jiankai Yu
Reactor Safety Research Scientist

Part-Time Research Faculty

  • Caen Ang, Research Assistant Professor, PhD, Monash University
  • Ondrej Chvala, Research Assistant Professor, PhD, Sub-nuclear Physics, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Andrei Gribok, Research Associate Professor, PhD, Moscow Institute of Biological Physics
    Research interests: Artificial intelligence techniques, surveillance and diagnosis, inverse and ill-posed problems, regularization theory
  • Martin L. Grossbeck, Research Professor, PhD, Illinois
    Research interests: radiation effects in materials, burnable absorbers, research reactors, and ultra-high vacuum technology
  • Mohammad Khan, Research Associate Professor
  • John T. Mihalczo, Professor, PhD, UT
    Research interests: radiation measurements for nuclear safeguards and nuclear criticality safety, reactor physics
  • Dustin Osborne, Research Associate Professor
  • Giovanni Pastore, Research Associate Professor, PhD, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
  • Arthur E. Ruggles, Professor, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Research Interests: Reactor thermalhydraulics, liquid metal flow and heat transfer, cavitation and fluid transients, accelerator target design, and microchannel flow.