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Research Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Research Faculty

Post-Docs and Research Scientists

Shradha Agarawal.
Shradha Agarwal
Research Scientist I
Amine Benkechkache.
Mohamed El Amine Benkechkache
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Sophie Blondel.
Sophie Blondel
Research Scientist I
Siwei Chen
Siwei Chen
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dwaipayan Dasgupta.
Dwaipayan Dasgupta
Research Scientist
Kaifu Gan.
Kaifu Gan
Research Scientist I
Alex Grosjean.
Alex Grosjean
Post-Doctoral Researcher
No photo available.
Wei-Ting Hsu
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Ane Lasa Esquisabel.
Ane Lasa Esquisabel
Research Scientist I
No photo available.
Charles Lieou
Research Scientist I
Eric O'Quinn.
Eric O’Quinn
Researcher III
No photo available.
Nicodemus Rod
Ceramics Specialist

No photo available.
Geeta Sachdeva
Post-Doctoral Researcher
No photo available.
Brandon Shaver
Research Associate III
No photo available.
Noah Smith
Research Technician III
No photo available.
Isaac Stone
Researcher II

Li Yang.
Li Yang
Researcher IV

Part-Time Research Faculty

  • Caen Ang, Research Assistant Professor, PhD, Monash University
  • Ondrej Chvala, Research Assistant Professor, PhD, Sub-nuclear Physics, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Andrei Gribok, Research Associate Professor, PhD, Moscow Institute of Biological Physics
    Research interests: Artificial intelligence techniques, surveillance and diagnosis, inverse and ill-posed problems, regularization theory
  • Martin L. Grossbeck, Research Professor, PhD, Illinois
    Research interests: radiation effects in materials, burnable absorbers, research reactors, and ultra-high vacuum technology
  • Mohammad Khan, Research Associate Professor
  • John T. Mihalczo, Professor, PhD, UT
    Research interests: radiation measurements for nuclear safeguards and nuclear criticality safety, reactor physics
  • Dustin Osborne, Research Associate Professor
  • Giovanni Pastore, Research Associate Professor, PhD, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
  • Arthur E. Ruggles, Professor, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Research Interests: Reactor thermalhydraulics, liquid metal flow and heat transfer, cavitation and fluid transients, accelerator target design, and microchannel flow.