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NE Cluster Move

Last Thursday the NE HPC Cluster got to move to its new home as the last of the Nuclear Engineering labs were relocated from Pasqua to the Science and Engineering Research Facility. NE Cluster Move

NE Cluster Move SkutinkNE Cluster Move

Faculty and students worked hard to disassemble and pack and then reassemble the cluster in its new home. The move was completed in a day and the cluster was back up and running by the morning.

NE Cluster MoveNE Cluster MoveNE Cluster Move

The Nuclear Engineering Cluster (NEcluster) is a growing high-performance computational infrastructure used for both research and teaching within the department.

cluster installedThe cluster is managed by Ondrej Chvala who is a research assistant professor in the department. The cluster consists of over 60 computational nodes, most of them based on Intel i7 processors, presently totaling almost 700 cores. Each of the compute nodes is contained in a rack-mounted box, connected to the head node via Gigabit Ethernet. Software available on the cluster includes MCNP, VESTA, NJOY, SERPENT, NESTLE, SCALE, MATLAB, GEANT4, ROOT, and other tools useful in engineering research.