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Category Archives: Research

Zinkle Faculty Fellow Livia Casali has been selected for a US Department of Energy Early Career Award for her work in advancing fusion technology.

In a major breakthrough, Assistant Professor Vladimir Sobes demonstrated a new formula to better predict the probability of fission.

Doctoral graduate Su-Ann Chong demonstrated a breakthrough in scientific achievement expected to speed up high-impact neutron science research.

Zinkle Fellow and Assistant Professor Livia Casali has published new findings in Nuclear Fusion about the first nitrogen and neon seeding study.

Associate Professor Eric Lukosi is using scintillators to conduct experiments related to potassium to help prove the existence of dark matter.

Research Assistant Professor Ondrej Chvala and doctoral student Alex Wheeler published their research on adding spent nuclear fuel to fuel salt in a molten salt reactor.

Junior Austin Zachary is the first nuclear engineering recipient of the Department Research Assistants Program sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Associate Professor Nick Brown spoke to Engineering about advancements in an accident-tolerant fuel called TRISO.

Doctoral student Nicholas Dunkle recently received the JD Williams Student Paper Award at the Joint Annual Meeting of the INMM/ESARDA.

NE Associate Professor Nicholas Brown’s research group published findings that contribute to the understanding the impacts of critical heat flux (CHF) events.