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Everett Cavanaugh Selected for November Student Service Award

Everett Cavanaugh.

Everett Cavanaugh stands beneath a Varian Truebeam medical linear accelerator at the Thompson Cancer Survival Center.

Second-year masters student Everett Cavanaugh in the medical physics program picked up the November Student Service Award for his role in helping to develop new medical physics lab curriculum for the fall semester.

“Everett was provided key input as a student advocate by identifying the lab topics and timing of the labs that would be most beneficial for the incoming medical physics students,” said the nominating committee. “He also participated in a summer internship at the Thompson Cancer Survival Center, during which it was abundantly clear that Everett cared deeply about all of the cancer patients he encountered, and he proved himself to be an extremely dependable, trustworthy, and friendly individual.”

Cavanaugh is a member of the first Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) at UT.

“I feel that I have a responsibility to my peers and future students to make the program as educational and inspiring as possible,” said Cavanaugh. “It has been my pleasure working with the professors and faculty within the Department of Nuclear Engineering to make the medical physics program here the best it can be. I am very humbled to have been nominated for this award, and I am thankful for being awarded it.”

Cavanaugh believes the medical physics program at UT has much potential and the continued collaboration between the department and practicing medical physicists will provide a unique and rewarding experience for its graduate students.