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Media Outlets Speak to Casali, Donovan About Fusion Breakthrough

In news that made headlines around the world, scientists and researchers at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were able to produce more energy than was contributed during a fusion reaction.

The breakthrough was the first time such a success was achieved, and is a key step on fulfilling the promise of fusion as a potentially limitless, clean power source.

Accordingly, media outlets were quick to reach out to the department for insight as to what the development meant.

ABC News, calling the breakthrough the “Holy Grail of clean energy,” spoke to Zinkle Fellow and Associate Professor David Donovan about the news.

“It’s not like it’s a fluke or a magical discovery,” Donovan said. “It was the result of this continuous steady progress.”

Zinkle Fellow and Assistant Professor Livia Casali told WVLT, the local CBS affiliate, that she believes fusion will be game-changing for humanity.

“This really, a major breakthrough in the science that we have been studying for the last 60 years,” Casali said. “This is our future. This is what’s going to save mankind. Because nuclear fusion is clean, it’s safe, it doesn’t have any waste.”

She added that next steps include decreasing the coast to produce fusion, as well as increasing the efficiency and output.