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Kerlin and Upadhyaya Publish Textbook about Nuclear Reactors

Cover of Dynamics and Control of Nuclear Reactors by Thomas Kerlin and Belle Upadhyaya.Professors Emeriti Thomas Kerlin and Belle Upadhyaya have co-authored a textbook about nuclear engineering. The book, Dynamics and Control of Nuclear Reactors, published by Elsevier-Academic Press in 2019, presents the latest knowledge and research in reactor dynamics, control and instrumentation—important factors in ensuring the safe and economic operation of nuclear power plants.

The book provides current and future engineers with a single resource containing all relevant information, including detailed treatments on the modeling, simulation, operational features and dynamic characteristics of pressurized light-water reactors, boiling light-water reactors, pressurized heavy-water reactors and molten-salt reactors. It also provides pertinent, but less detailed information on small modular reactors, sodium fast reactors, and gas-cooled reactors.

The book is available in print and electronic formats at the Elsevier website.