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Student Innovators Win Top Prizes for Research

William Cureton.

William Cureton

Three nuclear engineering graduate students were among 25 who were awarded prizes from the 2019 DoE Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards. This annual program was designed to award graduate and undergraduate students for innovating nuclear-technology-relevant research publications and strives to facilitate innovation and the creation of new ideas in the fuel-cycle relevant disciplines.

PhD candidate William Cureton received second place in the Open Competition in the category of Advanced Fuels with his paper, “Grain Size Effects on Irradiated CeO2, ThO2, and UO2,” which was published in the journal Acta Materialia in November 2018.

Peter Doyle.

Peter Doyle

In the same category, PhD candidate Peter Doyle also received second place for his paper, “Modeling the Impact of Radiation-enhanced Diffusion on Implanted Ion Profiles,” which was published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials in October 2018.

Master’s student Travis Smith won an Undergraduate Competition prize for his paper, “Temporal Fluctuations in Indoor Background Gamma Radiation Using NaI(Tl),” which was published in the journal Health Physics in March 2018 and which he completed as an undergraduate while attending the University of Michigan.

In addition to recognition, these students also received cash gifts totaling $6,000, in addition to conference and travel opportunities.