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Gussev Wins Best Poster Award

Igor Gussev.Doctoral student Igor Gussev, who is studying in Associate Professor Maik Lang’s research group, recently won a Best Poster Award at the 20th International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators (REI) in Astana, Kazakhstan.

His research focuses on applying modern characterization techniques, such as X-ray and neutron total scattering to study nuclear materials under extreme conditions, such as intense radiation and high temperatures.

“My research poster introduced neutron total scattering as an advanced characterization technique to obtain atomic-scale insight into the structural modifications induced by energetic ions in pyrochlore-like ceramics structures such as A2B2O7, A2BO5, and A3BO7,” said Gussev. “This work is part of a larger effort to develop more radiation-tolerant materials.”

The REI conference is held every two years and brings together experts in the fields of radiation effects and ion beam modification in insulating materials who present and discuss the latest research. The main focus of the conference is how modern experimental and modelling techniques are used to improve our understanding on radiation effects in a wide range of materials.