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Zinkle Publishes Book on Nuclear Reactor Alloys

Structural Alloys for Nuclear Energy Applications cover.UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Nuclear Materials Professor Steve Zinkle, along with G. Robert Odette, Distinguished Professor Emeritus from the University of California Santa Barbara’s materials and mechanical engineering departments, have assembled an advanced reference book called Structural Alloys for Nuclear Energy Applications.

Consisting of 13 chapters (including two chapters written by the editors), the book covers high-performance alloys like austenitic and ferritic steels, nickel-base alloys, zirconium alloys, and other structural alloys in nuclear energy applications that can withstand the high radiation and thermomechanical operation environment of nuclear reactors.

The scope includes structural alloy applications in current water cooled fission reactors as well as proposed next-generation (Generation IV) fission and fusion energy systems

With many experienced staff in the nuclear industry, research laboratories and academia facing retirement during the coming decades, this authoritative reference is designed to be a resource for the next generation of researchers and industry staff.

The book is available in both print and electronic formats from Elsevier.