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American Nuclear Society 2017 Winter Meeting Awards

Congratulations to this year’s ANS winter meeting award winners! During this year’s American Nuclear Society 2017 Winter Meeting NE’s Brian Wirth, Lawrence Townsend, and Steven Arndt received awards.

Brian Wirth, the joint UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Computational Nuclear Engineering, has been named a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, the group’s highest honor. Wirth was presented with this award for “seminal contributions to fundamental understanding of radiation damage in nuclear reactor materials providing the scientific basis for improved predictions of reactor performance and development of more damage tolerant materials for advanced fission and fusion power systems.”

Brian Wirth ANS Winter

Wirth is the sixth full professor in the department to be named an ANS Fellow, along with 1 emeritus, 5 research faculty and 4 adjunct and 2 joint faculty who are ANS Fellows for a total of 18 ANS Fellows in the UTNE department.

Lawrence W. Townsend won this year’s  Radiation Science and Technology Award. The Radiation Science and Technology Award was established in 1967, this award recognizes outstanding creative applications of radiation sciences and engineering principles. Townsend is cited for his “leadership in developing and applying methods of radiation interaction and transport in matter for space radiation shielding and risk assessment applications.”

Townsend ANS Winter

Adjunct faculty Steven Arndt also received a Presidential Citation award for his many years of unselfish dedication to the American Nuclear Society, in numerous and diverse leadership roles, making important contributions to Society success and the nuclear energy community, and influencing the development and professional careers of many current and future leaders. The President of the Society, may present one or more presidential citations to individuals who, in their opinion, have demonstrated outstanding effort in some manner for the benefit of the American Nuclear Society and/or the nuclear community.


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