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Tag Archives: Maik Lang

Associate Professor Maik Lang and colleagues researched the radiation response of two dysprosium titanate oxides across different length scales.

Wes Hines, Maik Lang, Jamie Coble, David Donovan, and Michelle McBee received faculty and staff awards from UT’s Tickle College of Engineering.

UT nuclear engineering doctoral student Devon Drey received a 2021 GATE fellowship while working in Associate Professor Maik Lang’s research group.

Three nuclear engineering researchers—Associate Professor Maik Lang; Postdoctoral Researcher Eric O’Quinn; and Graduate Research Assistant Devon Drey—along with Materials Science […]

Associate Professor and Pietro F. Pasqua Fellow Maik Lang is part of a team who has published an overview article of research on neutron total scattering.

Doctoral student Igor Gussev, who is studying in Associate Professor Maik Lang’s research group, recently won a Best Poster Award […]

Associate Professor Maik Lang is using neutrons to help gain a better understanding of materials, specifically pyrochlores.

Three nuclear engineering faculty members recently received funding from the US DoE’s Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP), which seeks to […]

Maik Lang and the Department of Nuclear Engineering hosted around 30 students from Alcoa High School and introduced them to nuclear engineering.

With the help of Maik Lang and other TCE faculty, two students authored a paper looking into why certain metals can exhibit insulated properties at times.