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Tag Archives: Molten Salt Reactors

NE student Erika Moss helped program a reactor model, published in Annals of Nuclear Energy, that uses thorium and nuclear waste as fuel.

Associate Professor Eric Lukosi is researching a way to enable liquid-fueled molten salt reactor operators to test the plasma on site with great accuracy and less cost.

Research Assistant Professor Ondrej Chvala and doctoral student Alex Wheeler published their research on adding spent nuclear fuel to fuel salt in a molten salt reactor.

Doctoral student Nicholas Dunkle recently received the JD Williams Student Paper Award at the Joint Annual Meeting of the INMM/ESARDA.

The Department of Nuclear Engineering received a grant of $450,000 from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for faculty development.

Assistant Professor Ondrej Chvala led research of a dynamic model of xenon gas behavior in MSRs, which was published in the Annals of Nuclear Energy.

Doctoral student Alex Wheeler led research to create a new dynamic model for the underexplored topic of safeguarding Molten Salt Reactors.