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Tag Archives: ORNL

Doctoral graduate Su-Ann Chong demonstrated a breakthrough in scientific achievement expected to speed up high-impact neutron science research.

Research Assistant Professor Ondrej Chvala and Professor Ivan Maldonado partnered with visiting researcher Pavel Suk on a new computer-modeling tool and applied it to a NuScale reactor.

Doctoral student Robby Kile conducted research to verify the performance of the TCR designs under both normal operating conditions and accident scenarios.

Graduate student Tucker McClanahan serendipitously stumbled on a new streamlined process for making urban environments in unstructured mesh to aid in understanding particle transport.

Three nuclear engineering researchers—Associate Professor Maik Lang; Postdoctoral Researcher Eric O’Quinn; and Graduate Research Assistant Devon Drey—along with Materials Science […]

The University of Tennessee is a key member of a recently announced General Electric Research-led team working on an Advanced […]

Nuclear engineering doctoral student Alex Wheeler won second place in the student poster competition at the 2019 Molten Salt Reactor […]

The US Department of Energy has backed John D. Tickle Associate Professor Lawrence Heilbronn’s research into radionuclide therapy with a large grant.

NE Department Head Wes Hines leads a team researching how artificial intelligence can be used to aid in the design of a complex nuclear system.

Caleb Massey, a recent doctoral graduate, works at ORNL researching Oxide Dispersion Strengthened steel, which could make advanced reactors a reality.