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Tag Archives: ORNL

Samuel Haid unravels the factors leading to formation of tungsten “fuzz” and helium bubbles that could threaten ITER’s fusion reactions.

The department hosted the UT/ORNL Fusion Summer School, which includes introductory lectures on various topics, lab visits and demos, and panel discussions.

The Nuclear Engineering Department is involved in a partnership among UT, UT Health Science Center, and ORNL to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Alan Icenhour and Loong Yong are the newest members of the Department of Nuclear Engineering’s Hall of Fame. They were inducted in April 2024.

Bryn Davies, Engineering graduate student at the University of Tennessee, has a long and unique career that combines her love of engineering and music.

Professor Maik Lang has received $500,000 from the DOE to characterize and understand the formation of metastable materials in high-energy ball mills.

UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair Brian Wirth worked with professors from Columbia University and MIT to co-author a paper on the importance of supporting fusion growth.

Doctoral graduate Su-Ann Chong demonstrated a breakthrough in scientific achievement expected to speed up high-impact neutron science research.

Research Assistant Professor Ondrej Chvala and Professor Ivan Maldonado partnered with visiting researcher Pavel Suk on a new computer-modeling tool and applied it to a NuScale reactor.

Doctoral student Robby Kile conducted research to verify the performance of the TCR designs under both normal operating conditions and accident scenarios.