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Tag Archives: Lawrence Heilbronn

The January issue of Nuclear News, a publication by the American Nuclear Society, included four industry predictions for 2022 by UT faculty.

Alumnus Mohammad Khan, Associate Professor Eric Lukosi, and John D. Tickle Professor Lawrence Heilbronn are exploring radiotherapy treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Congratulations to the following faculty members who will start the 2020 fall semester with well-earned promotions and/or tenure. Promoted to […]

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) recently elected three UT Nuclear Engineering faculty members to its leadership. ANS recently elected seven […]

The best launch window for sending spacecraft to Mars is every 2 years and 2 months, when the planets are […]

The US Department of Energy has backed John D. Tickle Associate Professor Lawrence Heilbronn’s research into radionuclide therapy with a large grant.

Four rising high school seniors worked with NE faculty and staff to test the ability of remote sensing robots to determine whether or not a radioactive source is present in a given location.

Lawrence Heilbronn, John D. Tickle Associate Professor in Nuclear Engineering, was recently elected to the National Council on Radiation Protection […]

Lawrence Heilbronn puts student needs first during his ten-year career with the Nuclear Engineering department.

As part of HITES12 2018, rising high school seniors spent part of a week on a project to work with and test robots used to locate hidden radioactive materials.